Metro Tile


Metrotile is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of affordable, lightweight stone-coated and satin-finish roof systems in Zincalume protective steel.

The Metrotile roofing tile range includes five distinctive profiles – Bond®, Classic®, Shake®, Roman® and Shingle®. Our Auckland based ISO 9001-accredited factory manufactures products suitable for all climates and environments around the world.

Installed in over 80 countries, Metrotile roofing systems offer exceptional strength and durability in the harshest climates. Watertight, and fire and earthquake resistant, they can withstand hurricane-force winds and are backed by a Metrotile warranty.

All of Metrotile’s roofing products are fabricated from Zincalume®-protected steel. Metrotile’s textured finish provides added protection by embedding natural stone granules in an acrylic base-coat. A final clear acrylic over-glaze is applied before being oven cured. This extremely durable UV-resistant coating enables Metrotile roofing products to withstand the harshest environments around the world.